I am inspired to work closely with enthusiastic people, trying to do meaningful work. Have around three decades of work experience in project, product organizations. The last twelve years of my career as a mentor, coach and consultant of professional project management (Agile, traditional), gave me opportunities to meet great engineers and work very closely with some teams (big, medium, small).

  • Some had great product ideas and did not know how to take them forward
  • Some had great products, poorly built
  • Some had irrelevant products, built well
  • Some were searching for a compelling ‘sales pitch’ after building the product
  • Some started well and lost interest
  • Some did not have any clue about what they are working on, as they are part of larger teams building complex components / products
  • Some had potential products built well, and launched unprofessionally
  • Some got everything right

The journey with them is inspiring.

My contribution 

  • Understanding the purpose / business case for the agile transformation
  • Bringing in the agile awareness through training.
  • Mentoring the probable scrum masters about their new role, possibilities, difference from traditional project management.
  • Helping the product owners / business analysts;
    • In understanding and propagating the product vision
    • User profiling
    • To write effective user stories
    • Prioritizing stories (Value chain analysis)
  • Working closely with the UI, UX teams
  • Working closely with the solution architects
  • Working along with the teams through sprint planning, sprinting, sprint reviews, retrospectives, corrective actions
  • Institutionalizing better collaboration of distributed stakeholders through collaboration tools
  • Improving transparency and predictability of the development process
  • Working closely with the marketing / sales teams

If you are seeking someone like me to augment your team, please contact me.

I live in Kochi and Bangalore cities of India.